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What is JAMB Expo 2020

Jamb Expo 2020 or Jamb runs 2020 as the case may be is an assistance offered to 2020 Jamb candidates to speed their success in the exam hall.

Is 2020 Jamb Runs or Expo Real

We have said it countless times, that Jamb Expo 2020 or Jamb runs 2020 is real, don’t mind any website telling you that it is not real. What you do not know, you don’t know it.

How to Get JAMB Expo for 2020 UTME

Getting 2020 Jamb Expo or Jamb Runs is very simple, pay the required amount, submit your details to us and finally wait for the exam answers.

Is it True Jamb will be Using NIN for 2020 UTME Registration

Yes, it is true, Jamb will be making use of National Identification Number (NIN) starting from 2020 UTME Registration. To make it easier for you, start now to register for NIN at any outlet around you.

If I don’t Have NIN, Can I still Register for 2020 UTME.

Jamb said no to that, without NIN, you can’t register for 2020 UTME. Go now and enroll your details for NIN registration.

Note: JAMB CBT EXPO 2020/JAMB CBT RUNS 2020 arrives 2 hours to your exam meaning that it comes 2 maximum hours before the exam starts.

Welcome to your best JAMB CBT Expo & Runs 2020 portal. The portal that offers nothing but the best.  Don’t read this if you are not ready to blast your jamb UTME score to 250 and above. We advice you to read it slowly with full concentration. Jamb UTME 2020 exam may start early as least expected by candidates. We are here to help you actualize your dream as 250 + is a must come 2020. We are working with Authorities in Jamb to bring jamb questions and answers live 2 hours before the exam commences. Our candidate’s results performance last year was excellent which I am proud to say that the least score is 200 and highest score is 280 though it may be higher than that since we are not with all our successful candidates result.

Jamb Expo online Expo Runs Available Subjects 2020











Agric Science



Brief Description of Jamb CBT Icons Locations & Action


Take it  serious because its your future.

(3) What are the notable desktop icons for Computer Based Test (CBT)?

 (a) The START Button: the time that every exam commences is the START period and the time that the exam ends is the STOP button. Examinees should be very watchful of this button as it the paramount of all.

(b) Time and Progress: Immediately when you click start, the clock timer begins to count, which indicates the progress of the exams. This also indicates the time that is remaining for the exams. At any point of the exams, at least you should be able to see how much time remaining for you.

(c) Question Counter: just like the time counter, there is also questions timer. This indicates how many questions you have answered and how to get it.

For instance you are writing a 50 question exams and you are on the eleventh question, the question timer will indicate something like question 11 of 50. Meaning that you still have 39 questions unanswered. Simple maths isn’t it?

(d) Test Navigation: This feature of a computer based test is as important as the test itself and they are always available on the test screen throughout the test session. Notable of the navigation are (1) NEXT which goes to the next question when clicked, clicking next moves you the next screen (2) This gives the examinee the opportunity to go back to earlier answered question, she they changed their mind towards the ostensibly correct answer. Clicking PREVIOUS moves you back one screen, (3) SUBMIT this is the most important of all the buttons, because there is nothing as bad as writing a test without submitting it. You will not have your score if you did not submit your test. Clicking submit button submits the test or exams and sometimes closes the exam window. This at times marks the STOP of the exams.

(e) The Scroll Bar: Some test may not fit on the screen. For these questions, a scroll bar will appear. To reveal the rest of the questions, either you use the mouse to click drag the scroll bar or click on the arrows on either end of the scroll bar.

Handling of Mouse in Jamb Exam Hall

Left clicking is what you use to select actions like starting the exam,selection of answers and to submit your answers after exam.

Right clicking is not that essential in this aspect

Vertical scrolling,a circle like symbol that is located at the middle of the mouse is very important because you use it to scroll up to the next question or down to previous question though left clicking can do that if the scroll bar appears.

What is Jamb CBT

Many candidates have been  hearing CBT, but 50% don’t know what it is

Computer Based Test (CBT) is a modern testing procedure where each examinee answers their question directly on a computer. It’s a bit different from the traditional way of testing where individuals will have to answer their questions using a paper and a pencil or pen.

Computer Based Testing requires the examinees to have a ground knowledge  on basic computer,as well as understanding important navigation. We advice you to learn basic concept about Computer.

NOTICE : Computer Base Test is strictly one Student-One-Computer: This testing system is based on one person per computer system at a particular time.  The candidate will sit close to the computer system, maybe a laptop computer or a desktop computer.

Jamb CBT 2020 Expo Answer Format

Jamb Mathematics Answers

y – 2 + 3y = 10

Solve for y .

A. 6

B. 5

C. 4

D. 3

E. 2

You select one of the best answers which is 3 option D :

Jamb English Language Answer

which of these best describes Aunty Moni’s character trait





Best answer is Garrulous option C,

Jamb Economics Answer

Deflation will occur in an economy when there is a

A. Fall in the general price level

B. Rise in nominal interest rate

C. Rise in the general price level

D. Decrease in production rate

Best answer is A,

Jamb Biology Answer

Protozoans use the contractile vacuole to

A. digest food particles

B. remove excess water

C. remove excess food

D.remove nitrogenous waste

Best answer is B, you select it by:

  • Pressing the letter on the keyboard,
  • Clicking the radio button with a mouse,Something like black spot will show on your selected answer.

Subscription Price List


4 subjects ====== #7,000

3 subjects ====== #5,000

2 subjects ====== #3,000

Recharge Card (MTN)

4 subjects ===== #7,000

3 subjects ====== #5,000

2 subjects ====== #3,000

See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


 No, For all 4 subjects. But if you need all subjects, You will pay the sum of #20,000


Yes but its a good one on your side because in few negotiation with our source, our payment would be high so late payments must attract additional fee, and it now open

How Much is Legit Jamb Assistant Service

Pay jamb assistant fee of #7,000 flat via MTN recharge card


Payment is made through BANK or MTN recharge card


Direct Bank Deposit<V.I.P>

Online Transfer<V.I.P>

ATM transfer<V.I.P>

Recharge Card

After Payment,

If you need our bank account details, TEXT I need Legi official bank Account to 09060948147

Text The following to us within 24 hours of payment or

 your payment may be IGNORED

(i) Depositor’s Name (eg) Mfon Ndifreke

(ii) Amount paid (eg) #7,000

(iii) Your available phone number either <what’sApp > or Direct sms(compulsory) (eg) 09060948147

(iv) Your 4 subjects (eg) English, maths, govt, Biology

(v) Jamb Reg. Number(eg) 51562351FT

(vi) Your exam date and time (send it to us when you reprint your slip)

and a short text with I paid for Legit 2020 Jamb questions and answers to 09060948147


We use it to identify you and for our strategy to serve you better. It is secured


 Bank will send us an sms & email alert that someone with this name  paid and their teller number. Immediately we receive your details your name will be registered.


As I said earlier, the answers will arrive at least 2 hours before the exam commences, The answers will send to you have been approved to be fully correct from our various sources. We confirm it before we send it across.


 You can contact us through our various media

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