How to Upgrade JAMB Score / Result for 2024

Upgrade your 2024 Jamb to score 250 to 350 – Legit JAMB Result Upgrading 2024 can only be done via the portal you landed.

JAMB Score Result Upgrade 2024. WE Provide live 2024 JAMB Score and Result Upgrading Platform. Get your UTME Result upgraded from Low to High Score.

Legit process of Upgrading Jamb Result or Score is entirely different from the what you always see on the internet, there are lots of scams parading themselves as Jamb Experts in this internet space, Don’t fall for them, always rely on us for your jamb Upgrading for the year 2024.

JAMB Upgrading Explained

Upgrading of Jamb score means adding score to candidate’s mark, probably for candidates who scored below their expectations. This is the only last chance to get higher score after scoring low in 2024 UTME exam. There are only two major ways to tackle this issue, however always seek for an expert like us to handle it or else you may meet a Scammer.

Upgrading oof Jamb Score or Result is very simple if you follow the instructions specified below :

Score In View

Score of 200

The price tag of 200 score in Jamb Upgrading is N30,000.

Pay, Contact 09060948147 and submit the necessary documents and wait for a week.

Score of 250

The price tag of 250 score is N40,000, pay, submit your necessary documents and wait for a week to see new changes.

Score of 280 and Above

The price tag of 280 and above is N50,000, Pay, Contact and submit your necessary documents and wait for a week to see your score upgraded.

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There are a lot Questions surrounding JAMB Result upgrading, if it real or scam. We want to let you know that JAMB upgrading is still possible and 100 percent working. There are many fake people online and offline claiming to offer such service but few are real. The only thing is that we need only 50 candidates. When that it reaches that number, we no longer accept candidates. If you don’t belong to the working network people, you may not know what life is up to. You may be wealthy but you don’t know what to use it for. Make wise use of your sense.

What is JAMB Upgrading

Jamb upgrading is a technique used to increase candidates UTME low score to high score. This we achieve with the use of JAMB CBT extractor. Because of security reasons, we won’t go deep in explaining the system.

Is JAMB Upgrading Real or Fake

I can boldly say that, since we ventured into this platform, we have recorded huge success. From 2015 since the inception of JAMB computer base test (CBT), it has been going well, no failure recorded which means it is never fake.

NOTE: never says upgrading of jamb results is not possible… Remember we are not an American, but depend on the connection sources, if it’s reliable and dependable …

Requirements for Upgrading JAMB Score/Result

  • Center Number
  • NIN
  • Reference Number
  • Examination name
  • Registration Number
  • Exam center Number
  • Seat Number

Those are the details needed for the work done, After that we go to the jamb official board centre to submit your details, before everything will be edited. Then updates the result to the rate scores you demanded. note: 250+ to 300 is the maximum reach for jamb upgrading…

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After work done, it will take 24 hours for the results to reflect on JAMB server. Then go online to recheck your result and print out for better use, don’t forget this result upgrade is done through reliable connection, and no any other website is perfect than us and also know we paid them in bulk before getting work done, so you will only be charge a token money to get your work done, don’t let a small amount charge let you re sit for next year JAMB CBT exam again, we are all here to variate your sadness to happiness.

Alot of messages have been spread online for you to disregard Jamb best upgrading portal, but what the don’t know is very bigger than them.

Can Jamb Score Be Upgraded After Exam.

The best answer to that question is that it is JAMB can be upgraded after every UTME Exam, if only you go through the legitimate process citing the right person for the job.

Call or Whatsapp to upgrade your low jamb score now +2349060948147 for any inquiries, we attend to you instantly.

Wishes you the very best of luck!!!


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We are aware that majority of articles online condemn this process because they don’t know anything about it. Besides there baseless and unverified write-ups trending to discredit the hardwork of computer software engineers that we work with, instead the should Channel the energy to tackle their various problems. Our suggestion remains that you should not trust there write-ups rather follow the instructions as stated on this article and see yourself getting a new score of your expectations.


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